FDA Shuts Down Almost 1,700 Online Pharmacies

Scott Sutton, Ph.D.
Microbiology Network

We are familiar with the many problems surrounding “compounding” pharmacies that are functioning as de facto pharma manufacturers without any concern for GMP (Lolas, Sutton 2013, Sutton 2012).  It turns out that FDA is also addressing fraudulent products marketed by online pharmacies.

On Thursday, June 28, 2013 FDA announced the shutdown of 1,677 websites that sold drugs over the internet in “Operation Pangea VI”.   As reported by CNN, they also arrested 58 people and seized $41 million worth of counterfeit medicines.

CBS News reported that these pharmacies appeared to be an offshoot of an organized crime network and displayed fake medical licenses.  The FDA has posted guidance for purchasing medications online to protect yourself from this type of scam.

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