Microbiology Custom Dictionaries

Scott Sutton, PhD
Ziva Abraham

MicroRite and the Microbiology Network present a listing of specialized words and Microscope-Booksterms for assistance in technical writing for the microbiologist.  These files may be incorporated into MS Word as custom dictionaries to enhance the spell-checking capabilities of the program.

MicroRite introduced the product BactiSpell in 2000.  This product was designed to provide a resource for microbiologists allowing for the correct spelling of bacterial names (using Bergey’s Manual of Determinative Bacteriology as the source document for correct spelling of names).  However, multiple updates to maintain compatibility with the rapidly changing requirements of MS WORD proved too laborious to maintain.  The stand-alone product was no longer offered for sale and instead the list of bacterial names was provided free of charge for incorporation as a “custom dictionary” in MS WORD.

The list of names was enhanced with common terms used in microbiology with the cooperation of the PMF, and this combined list was provided to the microbiology community in the PMF newsletter in 2006 (files).

The lists have been updated.  The bacterial names have been removed to their own file (due to the large number now available from LSPN List of Prokarytoic Names with Standing in the Literature  http://www.bacterio.net/) and all files will be updated periodically (file name will carry the version number “YYMMDD” – current version is 131104)

The lists will be available from both the MicroRite and the Microbiology Network websites as a compressed zip file – you will need the free WinZip utility (or equivalent) to extract them.

Instructions for incorporating custom dictionaries into MS Word are available at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/322198.

Please let us know of any additional words or corrections that need to be made to this listing.


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