About MNI

The Microbiology Network provides expert consultationmicrobiology quality assurance training, and expert witness services to CGMP pharmaceutical, medical device, and over-the-counter companies around the globe. Founded by Scott Sutton, Ph.D. in 1996, Microbiology Network, Inc. specializes in services to the regulated industries.

A Network of National Experts

The Microbiology Network provides a network of expert Quality consultants – all subject matter experts – for consulting, training and expert witness services to industry. Our focus is GMP and contamination control for Quality Assurance and Quality Control applications. In addition, we have extensive experience in CMC regulatory submissions and product development activities.  Our resource consultants are successful, proven and experienced consultants with national reputations.  Their focus is on addressing your problems while working within your system and corporate culture to design practical systems in collaboration with your staff, enabling them able to meet future issues.  The consultant you work with will be an experienced and respected leader in GMP operations.

Practical, Proven Solutions

Microbiology Network was founded and led by Dr. Scott Sutton who had 25+ years of industrial experience and 30+ years of professional microbiology experience.  His family and consortium of expert consultants continue this legacy internationally.  All consultants have decades of experience in regulatory, QC or laboratory leadership roles.  We apply proven, practical solutions to training and consulting engagements. Solutions are based on a balance of good science, client needs, current international industry standards and an absolute clarity of purpose on the identity of the company as a profit-driven enterprise. The proof of the value of the work can be found in the results and recommendations delivered to both new and repeat clients.

Service to the Industry

The Microbiology Network also and supports the leading Email discussion lists for the industry: PMFList (microbiology), PSDGList (pharmaceutical stability topics) and the C-CEList (Cleanrooms and Controlled Environments).  In addition, a bibliography of articles of interest to the GMP microbiologist was maintained through 2015.